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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Project 365...Week 7

{February 12}
 Sweet baby boy being a "cool dude" in daddy's truck!  I was missing my boy...still home sick!

{February 13}
We got a little bit of snow...enough for my classes to get cancelled, but little man was staying at his Mimi's!  They played out in the snow...he told me the made a snow man & threw snowballs at Uncle Josh!  I finally got him back, & he passed out on me on the couch.

{February 14}
KeeKee & Pops were home sick on Valentine's, but me & R had a hott date to Chick together!

 {February 15}
I let little man take a bath with some glow sticks!

 {February 16}
I had a test & got done early so I rewarded myself with Starbucks!  Ryder had a great day at school & even picked me some flowers in the backyard afterwards!

 {February 17}
We had a good day together after I went to class.  We ran errands & then I took him to Patti Cakes for a cupcake!  After trying to get him to take a nap for two hours, he finally fell asleep on the floor!

 {February 18}
I took mom to get her toes done while Pops & lil man had a big day together which included going to Starbucks, The Kitchen Store, Target & Laura's Family Toy store!  We ended the night with dinner & cake at Mike's Place with family while lil man stayed with Mama D & Morgan!


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