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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cheap toy, Grocery Shopping, Snow Day & Bath time & HUGE SALE!

Ryder's new cheap entertainment is a little bag of chips! I think he loves the sound it makes and just how flexible it is! TOO FUNNY! He just kept trying to eat it!


Ryder had been IN Wal-Mart a few times, but just for like one item. I finally broke down and took him for some real hardcore grocery shopping! I hadn't taken him from fear of H1N1 etc. As long as I sterilized my hands after I touched store stuff before I touched him, I figured he was okay! He was SOO good the whole time! Even if he was tired, all the newness makes him WIDE awake and just so curious! He just talked & talked & talked, and everybody wanted to see the sweet baby that was making all that noise!

"I'll go grocery shopping with you anytime!"

Friday was Ryder's first snow day! Mommy was out of school and so was KeeKee & Uncle G! First it was just bad ice, but then early afternoon it started SNOWING, so we got all bundled up for a few minutes and went outside and checked it out! I wish we would have gone out later when the ground was covered, it's SO pretty now!

"Why do I have so many clothes on?"
My sweet boy!
He wasn't quite sure what to think!

With KeeKee!
Naked boy before getting a bath!

Ohh! & have I mentioned someone is sitting up!? Pictures to come soon!

I went into The Children's Place tonight hoping to find a FEW deals. BOOOOOY was I WRONG! There was so much cute stuff on sale! All the signs above racks said $2.99 but then I would look at the tag and it would say something else...so I asked like THREE times..."All this is $2.99 even though the tag says different?" And they said YES! I was like ALRIGHT! I had to go back to the front of the store to get a bag cause my fingers were starting to hurt from all the hangers! I got sweaters, sweatshirts, rugby shirts, corduroy pants, cargo pants, gloves all for next year of course. I just hope he doesn't hit a growth spirt! ...SO much stuff for only $46.95! The original prices of everything would have been close to $175! I was SOO proud of myself! Buying stuff on sale is the only way to shop!

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