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Thursday, January 1, 2015

jingle jam, star week, and school

Now...to catch up on some Christmas posts!

Waiting on Jingle Jam to start at church...selfie time!  DUH!

The week before Christmas Break was Ryder's Star Week at school.  I went to read The Pioneer Woman's Charlie and the Christmas Kitty to his class.  Ryder wanted me to make "dog treats" for his friends to have after snack...and I settled on making Puppy Chow!  They all LOVED it! 
This is what my classroom looked like on the Friday before Christmas Break!  It was pretty nice, but I never said that! ;)  I actually spent the WHOLE day addressing Christmas cards!  
We had a Christmas party at lunch and we got these from our administrators!  We were all so surprised and thought they were just fabulous!  I think we were all expecting just a screen print or something!  This goes above and beyond!   I love being an Eagle!  
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