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Monday, November 5, 2012

Snuggle Bug Fall Festival 2012

The Saturday before Halloween Ryder had his school Fall Festival out at one of the little girl's house.  It was the perfect place for it...there were games all the kids got to play, a four-wheeler wagon ride, the yummiest hot dogs and treats, a fire pit for smores, and even a hay ride at the end!  We were so glad that KeeKee & Poppy got to go with us!

The parents were encouraged to dress up to...so we were pirate together!  ;)

He loves being with all his friends so much!  But he is such a WILD man around all them!  It's kinda funny!

He was seriously OBSESSED with this elephant peanut game...he would NOT stop feeding that lil elephant!

Sweet Abigail in her Pink Poodle costume!
& Ryder's best friend at school, Dexter
This family won best family costume!  Can't you even believe?!  SO creative!  =)
We wrapped Poppy up in toilet paper & won!!

After he saw us wrap Poppy up...he wanted us to wrap him up too!

We also did a sack race...& won that one too!  ;)

We had a lot of fun, & R is still talking about the party!  =)  Such a special place with such special people!


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