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Monday, October 6, 2014

5 year old well child check

I always forget about well child checks since they aren't ever 3-6 months like they used to be!  I usually schedule Ryder's when I see Mama Laughlin taking big T since they are the exact same age!  ;)

Happy to report R is right on track for everything he should be...I mentioned to them that he had pains in his legs at night, but that they went away when I rubbed them.  They looked back at his chart and he had grown FIVE INCHES since we had been there in February!!!  That's 7 months--no freakin' wonder he skipped size five pants and went straight from fours to sixes!!!
He is in 97%tile for height and 85%tile for weight...so someone is gonna have to come teach him how to play basketball, because it's not gonna be his Mama!

Happy Monday!  Be a blessing to those around you as you go throughout your day! =)


  1. did the doctor make ryder take off any clothes which ones?

  2. can I examine ryder with my medical kit


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