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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

i will rise

I am happy to report back on my Monday that started a little earlier than normal but completely worth it!
I got up and did a day's worth of HW for Beth Moore...& y'all know her HW can be long winded!  Folded a load of laundry and emptied the dishwasher!  AND got out the door by 6:40!   I was feeling pretty accomplished!
Ryder spent his day out at the farm.  He has a new chick named Chickaletta that he just loves!
I obviously wore the wrong outfit and shoes yesterday for our Kickball Tourney Behavior Bash outside!  Luckily I had my tennis shoes in the car and changed right after this!  We had a blast thought and it was a great day to be outside!
I finally got my lil bit back from his Mimi...& we were off to run some errands!  It was the first day of early voting, so we checked that one off the list.
I also needed to get my oil changed...back in my new favorite booties.  I'll admit, I may or may not go to Mr. Quick Lube to get my oil changed just so they'll vacuum out my floorboards.  They cost the same as my dealership and yesterday they took like 5 minutes!!!  That's the kind of service this mama needs!!

This morning was an early morning as well...but didn't get quite as much done but I'm already feeling better about the tasks at home!

Happy Tuesday sweet friends!

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