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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Birthday Girl & Family Shower!

Last week was a hecktic week with me being sick and all, but luckily I was a TOTALLY new person on my birthday! LUCKILY! Jake took me to Little Rock, where we planned on going to BoneFish Grill, but it was a 50 minute wait...for TWO people! So he took me to Caper's instead! It was JUST as good, and we enjoyed sitting outside on the patio enjoying the not-so-hot end of July weather!

Afterwards we went to my parent's house for Cookie Cake! My FAVORITE! & from Maggie's--EVEN better! My parents & brother had just gotten home from the beach a few hours before, and they had gotten hardwood floors while they were gone, so they were excited to get home to see them, and they were BEAUTIFUL, and I was so happy for them!

Twenty years old! I think I was the only one that ate the cookie cake! HA!

Saturday was my Family shower for Ryder. All the girls of the family got together and had lunch at Cantina Laredo in LR. I had never been, and I absolutely LOVED it! They even made the guacamole in front of you, so I got a new recipe I am going to have to try & make for Jake. I got some wonderful & beautiful things. Nana had finished Ryder's ABC quilt, and I was so excited to finally see the finished product!
Looking @ all the HAND STICHED alphabet letters. All the grandkids in the family have one, and now a lil great grandchild has one!
Hard to see...but it's white with green stitching to match his room--which it does PERFECTLY!
The funniest present from Bunky....he changed everywhere it said "Johnny Jump Up" to "Bunky Bounce Up" I can't wait to use this with little Ryder! He will be adorable in it!

Sunday Jake I had went to Michaelangelo's for their Sunday Brunch. OH MY GOODNESS is all I can say! We will DEFINITELY do that again, and hopefully AGAIN! They had a full salad bar, some cold pasta, 3 or 4 hot pastas, eggs, sausage, bacon, ham....waffles with chocolate chips & pecans!! & a chocolate fountain with fruit & marshmallows...and you could order your own omelets. It was just SO SO good! We will be going back!

Yesterday I went back to the ENT for my check up, and he said everything looked good, but if this happens again, we will probably have to talk about getting my Tonsils out. I don't like that thought, but if it does keep happening, that would be the best thing for me though.

I had my first weekly check up in Little Rock yesterday afternoon, which my mom went to me with. Dr. Singleton asked if I had been having any contractions, and I told him I thought I had...and it made me feel better with him asking, not thinking I was just crazy and imagining them! He said I had one while he was feeling around on my belly, and I had no idea! He told me Ryder wasn't coming today, but that it can all change with in the day, and that he should stay in there a few more weeks!!! AHHH!! Can't believe we are getting THAT close!

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