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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Jake had a job in Conway this morning, so I road with him to go get my car from Morgan's. I thought I had enough energy to go to Hobby Lobby & get some stuff to be crafty today. It was the cheapest trip to Hobby Lobby I have ever made, only spending like 6 dollars!

Anyways...my project is to make closet size organizers for Ryder's closet. They are already seperated out by size, but it's still a bit confusing, and who doesn't need a good excuse to get crafty!?

I got my inspiration off of Etsy...and their hangers are like 25 dollars...I'm gonna make mine for 6 dollars, and they will per personalized to match Ryder's room!

Here are my materials...

Reptile feeling/looking paper...it was more expensive but couldn't resist 50% off! And GREEN of course!
This green matched well...and i thought it would add some good color to the bunch!
Trying to keep it classy with the toile! & Brown!
All the papers...and lil door hangers. I got plain brown & plain green as well.

Stay tune for the finished product!

Throat wise...today was not much of a better day, even though I thought it was going to. I slept most of the day, which is fine I guess cause that's just more pain I can't remember. Tonight, I swear something back there popped...I don't know if it was a new abscess or the old one that had filled back up again, but I felt so much relief! I was able to eat a sandwich...very slow, and small bites of course...but it's food. I knew Ryder was getting a bit hungry! I'm still having trouble with my ears being clogged & full...hearing myself breath out of them, it sucks. But movie with the hubby, shower then bed!

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