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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

1st 2 week Dr. visit!

Today I went to see Dr. Singleton for my first "every two week" visit. Morgan went with me...I could have gone alone, but I thought it would be fun for us girls to get away! She got to hear the heartbeat, which I thought she would enjoy! I was told sweet lil Ryder is head down! I had NO idea! But I'm not going to get my hopes up (too much) cause ALOT can change in 8 weeks! YES--EIGHT WEEKS!! That is SO scary to say! We went & ate PeiWei which I seem to eat every time I go to Little Rock for an appointment!

-Mom told me I'm already starting to waddle.
-I'm up @ least twice a night have to go to the bathroom. It's the last thing I do before I go to bed, & the first thing I do in the mornings.
-Ryder loves to talk to Daddy & tell him what I have done to him during the day!--POKE him! (Jake HATES when I poke @ him!)


Last minute, we decided to go to Branson with Jake's parents. We left early Friday morning & went & ate breakfast up @ his parent's store, and then hit the road! We ventured down to the Branson Landing which was really cool & pretty. My parents have been there alot, but I had never been...this was only my second time to Branson!--CRAZY...I know! That night we went to the Kirby & Bambi Vanbourch Magic Show. We were on the front row...and it was ALOT of fun! I got to pet a baby kangaroo...it was so SO soft!! I was SO tired that night, and we didn't get back to the hotel till like ten thirty, and I still had to shower & everything to get ready for bed.

Saturday we did a little more shopping, @ the Branson Landing as well as the Tanger Outlet mall. I found alot of cute lil things for Ryder like a green piggy bank, some socks that looks like sneakers...and my FAVORITE purchase! PeePee TeePees!!


How FUNNY! I can't wait to use them!!

After shopping a lil more...we headed home around two, and I slept majority of the way! It's so hard to get comfy in the backseat of a truck while being PREGNANT.

Our first fourth together...and we were just pooped by the end of the night. We came home cleaned up around here a little bit, went & got Taco Bell & watched the fireworks outside. They didn't stop till after we went to bed...so many little kids here in the neighborhood, it was crazy!

Jake had to work on Sunday, but I went up to the Little Red River to Nana & Papaw's with my parents & lil brother. The whole fam was there, so it was a good get together...minus my hubby!

Nana had finished Ryder's bedding that week, so I got to bring it home! I will take pictures later, my camera is completely dead now..but I'm still missing the mattress, so you can't get the FULL affect yet w/o the sheet & stuff, but other than that it looks good!

Laundry to be done...@ least I got an update in this week!

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