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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I know...it's been WAY too long since I have posted. How am I going to have time to post with a baby, when I don't even have time to post now? Lol...

I have DEF. hit the tired stage of pregnancy. I used to be able to come home & vaccum, cook dinner...fold clothes, sweep off the back porch...whatever needed to be done! Now...by the time I get off work & get home I'm just ready to blop on the coach & rest.

I went to the Dr. last week...and he told me Ryder was transverse--which was my guess ALL along!

It has started to be a bit painful when he is up getting all up in my ribs. I find myself getting short of breath & just wanting to push him down with my hands. Dr. S said he really didn't care how he was until 36 weeks...which means 5 more to go! I go back in two weeks...well 1 now.....July 8th, so hopefully 2 weeks after that I can have another ultrasound. I have only had one... :/

The firehouse got new uniforms, which they put on & take off at the firehouse every morning, so I don't have to wash uniforms EVER EVER again! AHH!! How NICE?

Connie got us a high chair this weekend! It's so nice, I really like it!

It looks just like this! It folds up together so be put away in storage or something...and the seat also goes up & down so he can be table height or lower to the ground to watch tv or something! Ha! The seat will also sit up straight or lean back...AND there are two trays, one that you can just pop off the top to wash in the sink or even in the dishwasher! I was excited!

I started training a lady today to take over my position/job when I leave. It's a bit stressful b/c I have to explain myself & ever move & decision I made ALL day long for her to learn, but so far so good I guess!

AND...only two more days in the work week for me! We're off on Friday! Couldn't be happier! I hope to get somethings a/r here done...and maybe some more Baby Registry stuff. I started @ Wal-Mart.com tonight...but I'm sure I'll have to go to the store to update etc.

It's hard to believe Ryder will be here in less than TWO MONTHS!! From TODAY actually!! CRAZY!! I told Jake last week...10 more weeks, and it won't just be me & you any more! How strange!

I have started to look online for some birth announcement ideas...and I'll probably just have a local shop downtown recreate what I find!

We are so busy the next few weekends! FULL to the rim!

Ryder took his first swim in the lake on Sunday...we were out there ALL day after church. We didn't get home & in bed till about 11, but it was alot of fun, and I know he's ready to do it again!

GOOD NIGHT!--Jake's movie is over!

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