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Saturday, June 6, 2009


So...Thursday when I got home from work, and running to the grocery store for a few things, Jake told me to come look @ an outlet in Ryder's room...I went in there to find...

I was so happy, and so surprised! I cried b/c I felt bad...I had been nagging him all day a/b stuff he was going to get done this weekend before some of his stuff he was going to get done. I am so blessed to have such a sweet husband, who knows how much I like surprises!
Here's all the fabrics (minus the solid brown minky) The middle is going to be my curtains & bed skirt. The circles & leopard print will be on the bed with the solid brown minky.
The letter pictures again..you can kinda see the green behind the letters now...that match PERFECTLY with the walls, that I just eye-balled myself!
And this is what my Saturday afternoon looked like on the back patio! I lasted a/b two hours all together today! Not bad for a pregnant girl! Ha!

We're going over to my hairdresser's house tonight. Jake went to HS with her & her husband Brice. They have the cutest lil kids Macey & Jackson (Champ). They just bought a new house & we're gonna grill out. It should be fun!

I have also vacuumed, dusted, some laundry, & hand washed some dishes today! GO ME! I feel like I have been pretty productive, and got a lil color to my ghostly-white body!

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