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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I didn't update yesterday b/c I didn't go to bed till a/b 12! The latest in a LONG LONG time!

I met mom downtown & bought all the fabrics for Ryder's bedding! I went & visited Jake @ the firehouse, and then went & had dinner with Abbey & Kelly @ McAlister's.

They came over to the house afterwards & we had a really good time! Alot of catching up to do that was much needed! Neither one of them had seen the house so I was glad they got to see it, even though things aren't all EXACTLY where I would like them to be. But one day they will-ha!

Jake & I are going to have a Sonic date later on for the free rootbeer floats! They just seems like a good reason to have a Sonic date if you ask me! =)

I have more Thank You notes to right though...so better get busy!

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