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Monday, July 27, 2009


Since Friday I have had a "sore throat". I call it just a sore throat, b/c I don't know what else there is to call...but severe...SEVERE sore throat. It started Thursday night I guess, and then Friday I was like "I have to go see somebody a/b this".

Oh...and this isn't the first time this has happened. It's the 4th...since September. Had it in September, December, and in February...and HERE we go again. Oh...and no Dr. can really tell me what it is, they just kinda guess & give some kind of medicine that may or may not clear it up. In December when I had after taking antibiotics for a few days that didn't work, I was given 4 steroid shots in less than five days. At that point though...I didn't even care. Just give me something that will make this go away.

This "sore throat" makes me unable to eat, unable to swallow....produces more saliva for some dumb reason, unable to drin....and it changes the way I talk...its actually hard to talk, and makes me only talk when I HAVE to.

Anyways...I call my PCP on Friday & they are out of the office that day. GREAT...just GREAT-my luck! Luckily I got in with a Dr. @ Jake's clinic, not his normal Dr. but someone in the same clinic.

I doesn't even swab me for anything, just takes one look and writes me a scrip for something I haven't had before that is supposedly for strep throat & tonsillitis. Which...through all this I can tell ANYONE it's NOT either one of those! Or MONO for heaven sake!!!

So...I'm stuck @ home ALL weekend with medicine that ISN'T working & the infection is just growing & spreading by the minute.

Both Saturday & Sunday night, I can't sleep in the bed laying flat, b/c it feels like I am choking on my own spit. I spent most of both night propped up on the coach TRYING to get some sleep, off & on the computer...and reading a little bit of my Baby Wise book.

Sunday Jake went to work @ the firehouse...but realized how bad I really was & came home a/r 3 with a strawberry shake for me...which felt SOOOOO good on my throat!

I got in today with another Dr. in my PCPs office casue mine was out for this week for vacation. My appt. was @ 1110...and of course I got in there & just cried & cried, cause A) its hard to talk B) I sound like a lil kid that is learning how to talk C) I'm pregnant...

She took one look @ me, and said, "Oh that's an abscess & you need to go see an ENT Dr. & get that treated today." As much as I DIDN'T want that to happen, I knew it was what HAD to happen, and the only way I was going to get better.

She went ahead & gave me a steroid shot...yes in the butt...and it was the same one I had gotten back in December. She made an appt. with a new ENT Dr. in town @ 1...and asked if I had anyone to go with me. It had crossed my mind, but I was a big girl right? My parents are out of town...and Jake was over an hour away working. So, no I didn't really have anybody to go with me. After talking to my mom, she told me to call Ms. Doreen or Morgan & see if either one of them could go with me.

Luckily Morgan could go with me. I went a little early to fill out all the paper work & stuff. They got me right back in there, and it wasn't a normal Dr. bed thing, but a chair with this machinery stuff beside it...kinda like the eye Dr. but ALOT creepier & scarier. He came in & checked out my throat & nose & ears...He told me it was an abscess & that to diagnose it he needed to drain it to send off a culture. I knew this was coming the whole time, so I excepted it and said OKAY!

He sprayed back there with some cherry airesol stuff that kinda numbed it...and then a few minutes later him & his two nurses came back in there with rubber gloves on! AHHH!! He stuck a shot in there & told me it was going to "burn a lil..." & oh yes it did! Not so bad @ first, just kinda nasty liquid running inside of me...and then when he said "One more time..." That's when it KILLED....it burned so freaking bad, it was like someone was holding a torch to my throat back there or pouring acid down my throat. I started to cry & was kicking my feet, chocking on my own spit/that stuff...They got me a thing to spit in, and it was pretty much straight blood...and they had to wipe my mouth off every time I spit.

After that it was like he had something like a spoon that he just SCRAPPED & SCRAPPED on the side of my throat digging more & more stuff out. That killed me...and I could hear it scrapping against my oh so sore throat. Dang...it hurts rethinking it. I tried to scoot further & further away from him but he was still right there getting what he wanted. I rinsed with cold water & spit for a good 5-10 minutes afterwards, and it was mainly blood. It was good to get all that stuff out though.

Morgan drove me back to her house afterwards, and as much as I did feel better, it STILL hurt so so SO bad! I just crawled in her bed & tried to go to sleep, even though I continued to have to spit...b/c it hurt so bad to swallow. My ear on that side was throbbing & so painful....I would just lay there & cry knowing there was nothing I could do.

Jake came & picked me up & got me some McAlister's take out soup & brought me home....I just changed clothes & crawled right back in bed. I woke up a/b 7:20 & came in here with him...and now we're watching the Bachelorette Finale! I doubt I'll be able to go to work tomorrow..which is kinda sad, kinda not, since it IS my last week and all.

Well...that's enough for tonight. I needed to share my drama with someone.

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