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Saturday, July 25, 2009

What a BUSY week...well last TWO weeks!

During Jake's "Man-Weekend" I went to Stuttgart for the weekend to spend some time with Pooh. It was pretty nice & relaxing just to get away, and not have to clean the house or do laundry etc. That was Jake & I's first time away from each other for more than like a day, and we missed each other more than we ever thought! That Sunday when I got home, I went straight to my first baby shower for Ryder @ Abbey's house. I got to see alot of girls from High School that I hadn't seen in a while, and a bunch of OBU girls. Everything was beautiful & tasted delicious! (MAYBE pictures to come if I get around to uploading them on the computer & then on here!) I got alot of wonderful things that I look forward to getting to use on baby Ryder! =)

That week FLEW by, b/c I was off work that next Friday. I headed to Hot Springs on Thursday after work to stay with Pooh & her family on Lake Hamilton & go to the Miss Arkansas pageant. I missed Wednesday night, and I felt so left out of the loop! Ha! I was thankful I got to go the rest of the nights though! Friday & Saturday Ryder & I just laid out @ the pool & took turns reading my birthing book & Twilight...(yes, I'm still reading that. It's hard to find time for Twilight when I have some many other baby books to read!) I got some good sun, and I am just now kinda peeling from it!

I ended up driving home Saturday night after the pageant, cause once again, Jake & I just really missed each other! We never thought it would be as bad as it was! And also...that way I was @ home Sunday morning so we could get up & go to church together, since we hadn't been able to go together the last few Sundays b/c we were out of town, and his work schedule!

We both got alot done that day after church....I made a list for both of us, and we pretty much got to check it all off! That is such a wonderful feeling!

That week, while out @ lunch with my mom in downtown Conway, I found a dresser for Ryder that I planned on making into a changing table. It was the perfect color...didn't go all the way down on the bottom which made perfect room for BASKETS!!! & it was a GREAT price compared to some of the things I had been looking @ online! So I went back the next day & bought it, and come to find out it was 10 percent off! EVEN BETTER! (Hopefully I can post pictures of later as well!)

This last week, seemed like I didn't have time to do ANYTHING! Monday, Jake worked so I went & ate with my parents, and that doesn't put me getting home till 8 or 9 o'clock...which means shower & bed!

Tuesday night...I had a shower hosted by some of my mom's friends that was just beautiful and so much fun! Everything was green & brown, and the kitchen @ the home it was @ happened to be GREEN! SO it was just perfect! (Again...hopefully pictures to come!) We are so blessed to have such generous people showering us with some many wonderful WONDERFUL gifts!

Wednesda...I had a Dr.'s appt. in LR & I wasn't there a total of 10 minutes...and all is good. I asked Dr. S a few questions I had jotted down while reading my birthing book. I have one more two week visit, & then the weeklies will start! After I got home we went & ate with some friends of ours & just hung out @ their beautiful home. The weather was so nice, we just sat out on the back porch till way past dark, and it was actually so nice, I kinda got a little chilled after the sun went down!

Thursday night...Jake was working once again, and I ran a few errands after work, stopped by the station to visit him and then the SATBs (YES, all of them!) came over to hang out, and help me organize a little bit more in Ryder's room. It was so great to have everybody together at the same time just like every other day back in the good ole days! Kelly ran out of gas in the drive way which was WAY dramatic, I'll spare you most of the details. We tried rolling the car out in the street so it was flat, but that still didn't help & then we were stuck in the street! There were three gas cans in the garage, but without Jake being home, we didn't know which one was car gas. We finally got a hold of him and found out which one was safe, and loaded Karl up with enough gas to make it to the gas station!

Friday...I had been having some throat pain Thursday night, but not THAT bad. Friday morning was just BAD BAD. I called my PCP & off course "Our office will be closed Friday July 24th." I called my mom & just cried & cried...I HAD to get in to see a Dr. I couldn't be like this ALL weekend! Jake called his Dr.'s office here in Greenbrier, and they got me in...so I drove ALL The way to work, and just turned a/r and came back to Greenbrier, got some meds (which still haven't even kicked in & started working yet) then drove BACK to Conway to get my haircut! It's pretty short, but I like it! It had gotten TOO long!

We were supposed to go to a cookout last night, but I was just too sick, and not feel well @ all. Jake went & helped cook & everything. This morning we went & got Rex some new tires (they were much needed!) Some friends of ours lil girl's birthday party was @ noon, but again...I didn't make it, still not feeling great, maybe even worse. Jake went & got me some McAlister's soup...it was so hard eating that soup (which felt great on throat) while I watched him eat a sandwich with thier YUMMY honey mustard!

We are watching Trixi for the week while my parents are @ the beach...(with pretty much the rest of Conway!) Ha! She has been doing pretty good...I opened up all the bottom of the blinds for her to look out!

I noticed late last night our neighbors who are due with their first lil boy on Thursday car was gone! I said UH OH!! I had Jake text him this morning & find out if it was time! He said they were trying to having him then. A few hours later he text back & said Braxton is here! =) That just makes me want Ryder here even sooner! They will be JUST a/b a month apart I'm guessing!

I think I'm gonna go & try to upload some pictures! YIPPEEE!! Such a LOOOOONG post...SORRY! I should update more often & they won't be this long!

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