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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

bullet form tonight...

  • I was a pretty tired girl all day today.
  • The hubs came home & crawled in bed with me for a lil bit this morning, which was nice! One of my FAVORITE things!
  • I went & had lunch with my dad @ Something's Brewing in Pickle's Gap
  • I was gonna go to Target to exchange somethings, but was just too tired.
  • I came home & took a nap...my first real NAP in a long long time.
  • I made the hubs go to the grocery store tonight to get me pickles & ice cream....NOT to be eaten together! I laughed when I realized that's what I wanted though! haha...ice cream for tonight, pickles I was just craving earlier!
  • I went through a few hours of just plan uncomfortableness earlier tonight.
  • I hope I'm not like that for the rest of my pregnancy.
  • I just ate a whole peach.
  • I think I chew on more ice in a day than I actually eat food.
  • I have started to realize my husband is right...I am crazy.
  • Lina on Miami Social makes me feel a lil sane though.
  • I got nothing on my "T0-Do List" accomplished today.
  • I go to the Dr. tomorrow for my 37 week check up.
  • I am hoping I'll be @ least a LITTLE dilated.
  • If I see something to eat on TV, I want it.
  • It's getting harder & harder for me to breath...it's like I have to concentrate to do so.
  • I'm ready for my shower on Saturday!
  • I'm going to ask the Dr. tomorrow if Ryder has not made his debut by the 30th, if he will induce me or not--(I WANT HIM TO!)
  • I'm thinking about starting to pack my bags for the hospital tomorrow....JUST in case.
  • I can barely shave my legs any more.
  • Painting my toenails is an IMPOSSIBLE task.
  • I'm getting a prenatal massage on Thursday.
  • We need to put Ryder's stroller & carseat together.
  • I'm ready for Housewives of Atlanta on Thursday night.
  • My hubs told me the house looked good tonight. I didn't even do any cleaning today. Ha! Thanks anyways though....
  • I'm running out of things to wear. AKA-sick of wearing my maternity clothes over & over again.
  • That's all for tonight.
  • Sorry for the rambling.
  • & boringness.

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