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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

So...Jake's side of the family shower was on Saturday @ Josh & Amanda's new house, which I hadn't been to yet! I still didn't get a whole tour, but I'm sure I'll be back! Jake's side of the family was there, as well as all his buddies & their wives! It was a GREAT turnout, and we got some much GREAT stuff!

Here are some pictures from the day...
His adorable lil diaper cake that was chocolate AND vanilla!
The real "DIAPER" cake! Haha! Taking that thing apart taught me how to make one!
All the delicious food set up so cute!
Mother-in-law & Sister-in-law....Hostesses
With Jake & his mom-
All the guys! Most of their first "baby shower!" Ha! I thought it was fun for couples!

I spent ALL day Sunday unpacking/de-tagging...washing, organizing, & putting away all our baby stuff! He got over a load of clothes, I almost had to wash it all in two loads, lots of diapers (which we needed) and some super cute other stuff!

This diaper bag being one of the wonderful gifts! It is SO perfect for Ryder & couldn't match the rest of his room ANY better!

The last few days I have just been SO tired...which is I guess normal. People have told me to rest while I can, so I'm trying to, even though there is still stuff around the house I could be doing.

I'm going to try & go get a pedicure & manicure tomorrow with my gift certificate, b/c it expires in 90 days, & who knows when I'll have time to get out & enjoy myself like that again!

I'm currently watching Miami Social...and Lena is completely INSANE! I can't believe she is actually a REAL person! Ha! George needs to DITCH her straight up!

Back to school for mom & bro tomorrow...I can't believe G is going to be in the 11th grade. That is actually a grade I can REMEMBER being in! Scary SCARY...

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