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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Visiting Santa!

So, before we went to Build a Bear at the mall...we stopped to see good ole Santa!  Ryder did SO good!  He walked right up to him & told him his name, and what he wanted for Christmas!  Easy as that! {Which...he wants an accordion!  Ha!}

Luke & R with his silly little bear ears he got from Santa!  Saved us $5 at Build a Bear tho!  ;)
Cheesin' with my lil man!  He truly is my best friend!
Won't they be cute parents one day?!  ;)
Here's the picture I ended up going with!  I am so glad this is something that I have made a point to do every year so I have the pictures to look back on in the future & compare!


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  1. What a cute Santa pic! Seems like every time my oldest took one it was just odd looking. My two year old hates Santa so we have NO pics of him with Santa as of yet and my youngest is just 5 months. I'm hoping at least she likes Santa!


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