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Thursday, March 5, 2009

bad mommy & bad friend

SO...I found out @ the Dr. on Tuesday that I'm really on 14 weeks. I guess I was just getting ahead of myself or something! Jake & I just went to Little Rock Tuesday by ourselves, and it was a great appointment...nothing too big, or different than the last. We heard the heartbeat again which was exciting since my stomach is getting a little harder & it's kinda becoming more real.

Funny story...This morning I was telling Jake I woke up last night a/r 4 with bad stomach pains..and luckily just rolled over & feel back asleep. Jake said..."Oh, Ranger was just acting up wasn't he?" I didn't even notice....but RANGER is his pet SQUIRL! He meant RYDER...but I didn't even realize till he was like Ryder, I mean Ryder! We laughed @ that one pretty hard!

We went out to eat @ Slim Chicken's tonight...it was both our first time. It was REALLY really good! I would def. go back!

We actually might agree on a new lil girl name.....AVA. That is only like the second girl name we have agreed on...& we have been through probably 50!!!

Jake's working a double tomorrow & Saturday, so I will probably just be catching up on things by myself this weekend.

Oh yeah...BIG THING!--JAKE GOT A PERMANENT STATION THIS WEEK! Yesterday was his first day there...and I think it's going to be a really good thing. It's up North, which is where his brother actually works on C shift. No more driving to a different station every time he works!!!

Guess that's it...if not--I'm sure I'll be back for an update!

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  1. I LOVE AVA!!!



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