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Friday, March 20, 2009

this week FLEW by!

I can't believe the weekend is already here! One more whole week, and then BABY DOCTOR! =) Good week...but nothing too exciting. Here are some random pics from my camera from lately..JUST for you guys!

This is my favorite outfit my mom has gotten me so far..it's newborn & SO tiny! Those are lil pants behind the onesie! & a cute bib to match! & it's my GREEN!
I found this @ Belk for just a few dollars...I got it in a 9 months just in time for it's FIRST Toad Suck Daze! I know it's a FROG, and not TOAD....but you don't just find outfits with toads on them!
Me, Dell, Allison, Lindsey, Brooke, & Hannah all @ Allison's 20th Birthday Party @ Fuji Thursday night.
THANK GOODNESS for this stuff! I have been using it everyday for like the last week, and boy I can tell a difference! Since I sit in the office all day, and can't hit up the tanning bed...it's this or uhhh..NOTHING! Well...I have thought a/b getting a spray tan, but this is working so far!

And look what came in the mail today!! WAHOO!! I haven't really got to watch it, or do it or anything...but hopefully I'll get a/r to it tomorrow! I got it for 26 dollars...& they are usually 80 bucks, and it was BRAND NEW!!

Hopefully I'll update on Sunday...

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