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Monday, March 16, 2009

i wish i was doing better...

I apologize once again for not being the super blogger I planned on being! I apparently value sleep more than updating my blog. I think I have alot going on, but I really don't compared to what it's going to be like in AUGUST!! =)

Anyways...few updates. Jake sold his house/land & will be moving into a rent house of my dad's the first of April. Which reminds me, I had rescheduled my appt. from March 30th, to April 1st...YES, April Fool's Day, but oh well...I'm going to tell them not to fool me about what it REALLY is, and I won't fool with ya'll either, because this is a pretty serious matter! :P

We are still pretty stuck on Ava. But that would mean  four out of seven letters in her first & last name would be vowels. Ha! I saw the name Aven in a magazine the other day..but Jake isn't too fond of it.

My Nana (mom's mom) is going to make my bedding for the baby and I have pretty much officially decided (even though we haven't gone to pick out fabrics, that it's mainly going to be baby lime-green & black & white. Don't freak out about the BLACK part...I just don't want to do BROWN like EVERYONE else! & the green is DIFFERENT as well! Girl...I will accent with some pinks, and boy...some blues...but mainly GREEN!  I'll put up some pics later of what I bought on Saturday at a few stores. But this is what I'm going for...or very similar.

I still...I mean WE still haven't decided on what color furniture. I always thought...NEVER white!! But I have seen a few white furniture sets that I really like! & I like the way it looks with these colors of bedding. Jake said a big no on black, which my mom made a good point, that would be ALOT of black! I have my bookshelf in my room here at the house, that is now ORANGE, that I think I will either paint white, or black.

We are having company over for dinner tonight...

This week is going to be kinda Jake-less...Tonight he is working, I saw him after work at the first house. Tomorrow he is going out with guys from work in the Union for St. Patrick's day, Wednesday I think we are going to pack up his house...Thursday he works again, Friday he has rehearsal dinner & then lil after party for a wedding, then Saturday-Sam & Chelsea's wedding. Then the week starts all over again! AAAHHHH!! Life of dating a fireman huh?-

Gotta go get G from the country club...I will update later (maybe not tonight) with pictures of cute stuff I have bought, and other randoms!

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