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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Too Much!


This was Valentine's week. Testing our our "Rock My Valentine" shirt & lil Wallabies KeeKee got us for Christmas! He is such a HOOT!
Miniature Wallabies just like Uncle G & Pops!
With Mommy after class!
Tummy time!
We can sit up on our own now! I have been forgetting to mention that!
I forgot to mention that Auntie Pooh stopped by last Friday to see us on her way home! It was so good to see her, and Ryder took to her GREAT just like every other little kid!
Naynee & all her kids came to visit Friday night as well. We went out to eat, and just had a good visit with everybody!
Punkin' sittin up in his crib playing with a toy light up & noisy toy I just hung in his crib. He falls asleep to it alot of nights.
The weather was so nice one day, we loaded up in the stroller & went walking a/r the neighborhood!
We love mommy!
TJ Maxx & Target with mommy one day after class!
Saturday we met Allison downtown @ Cross Creek Sandwich shop for some GOOOOOD food! Ryder was into EVERYTHING on the table! We could not keep things away from him!
With Ms. Allison!
He even did a lil iPhone texting to her friend...
Then Aunt Dell stopped by the house on her way out of town to see lil man & how much he's grown! We were SO glad to see her!
Yesterday was KeeKee's birthday, so went out to eat for that last night!
With Mommy!
Getting into Pop's sweet tea...just like everything else!
He is just TOO much...and surprising STRONG!
He wanted his own Krispy Kreme doughnut! Ha!
After getting ready for church Sunday morning, we ended up not going because he had a little cough that sounded worse than it did yesterday, and when it was pouring down rain, I figured he shouldn't be taken out in it, much less go to the nursery & he would just be fussy all through church. So...
Little Punkin' watching the rain!
My lil CHUNK!

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