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Monday, February 15, 2010


-I have tests in ALL three of my classes this week.
-One Tuesday & two on Friday.
-Ryder isn't the only one teething. My second wisdom tooth is making more of an appearance than it already is, and it actually hurts this time.
-My tailbone is hurting...lil man bruised it for life while gracing the world with his presence.
-I should be studying for my Ed. Pro test tomorrow, but I consider this a break.
-It was colder today than I have ever remembered!
-Lil man hardly took ONE nap today...just 2 2o minute-ers.
-I think Punkin' thought my legs were ghosts earlier tonight b/c their so white...he jumped & screamed, and then cried!
-Which means....I must get a spray tan SOON since I don't have time to tan.
-I have gone almost 2 weeks without Shredding. Once again, disappointed in myself.
-I want & NEED to order a blog makeover soon, but am not sure what to call it...
-I haven't got to watch as much as the olympics as I wanted to.
-Mom just watched the Bachelor from tonight, but I'm being a good student & "studying".
-I just finished last week's Private Practice today while feeding lil man.
-I have lost my iPod & everyone at my house just got new ones. :/ I feel just a bit left out.
-Yes, I have blogged twice in one day! WAHOO!
-Mom & Dad have been discussing our trip to Florida this summer. I'm ready. I'm ready to take my Punkin' and introduce him to the ocean.
-I feel like I may never get done with school.
-My goal is to graduate by May of 2014.
-I'll turn 25 that July.
-Ryder will turn 5 that September.
-UCA is so different from Ouachita. DUH. I won't even start to go into that.

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