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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

mid week randoms!

This is one of the most genuine smiles I've ever experienced from my little guy!  We were rollin' through the country with the windows down listening to "Cruise"--if that can make my little guy this happy then it's going to be something we will do until he doesn't want to do it any more!  So thankful for sweet and priceless memories like these!
This little guy caught this big one out with this dad!
R was finally reunited with blanky and Tang after being away from them for a week!  {This must mean he is growing up!} :(
Have you tried the new grilled nuggets from Chick?  If not...when you get finished reading, get up and RUN {don't walk} to getchur'self some!  This may or may not be a "snack" for me after school some days!  :P  Can't keep me away!
We busted out the homemade popsicle kit this week!  R LOVES them and they are CHEAP!!!
My mom caught this picture of R during his game this week!  Priceless right?!

And the highlight of my week was getting this little booger in the mail!  Officially official!  I couldn't be happier!
This sweet friend of mine Ms. Abby sent these to my classroom!?   Flowers AND a coffee mug?!  Could she know me any better??  So sweet and thoughtful!
I stole this picture from a teacher friend of mine...this was out her classroom window last week!  All politics aside, THAT is pretty cool I tell ya!
And...because I totally agree with this!  ;)

"Friends don't need excuses and your enemies won't believe them."


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