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Monday, May 12, 2014

t ballin' and toad suckin'

Last Saturday was a busy day around here!  We had a T Ball game and then we were off to Toad Suck Daze!  We didn't go last year because of the FREEZING temperatures, and someone will NEVER let me forget that!  So we were going this year, rain or shine! ;)
R had some great field action...and of course loved running the bases!  He played his best friend from Snuggle Bug, Dexter!  They were HILARIOUS on the field!  R would yell his first, middle and last name at him, they would high five, hug in the middle of a play, and were even wrestling on the ground at one point--where coaches thought they were fighting and we had to explain that they were friends!  We just all laughed and laughed!
These two have had special bond since day 1 at SB...and we just found out they are zoned to go to the same school next year! :0 ;)  We'll see how that turns out!  But I can't wait!  =)
With a quick change of clothes in the car...we were off to Toad Suck {with all the other crazies in town!}
They have a great kids play area...we even ran into Ms. Carol!  R obviously had fun!

This toad came to visit him at school a few days prior, so R felt pretty good about their relationship, and ran right up to him for a hug!

He was brave and did great on all the rides he picked out to ride!
We both crashed when we got home!  That sun sucked all the energy out of us!

We ended up going back down town on Sunday so he could ride the Sea Hampsters.  There was a {THREE} hour wait the day before and this mama was NOT having that!  This is a great invention and I'm glad he got to experience it without the wait!

Thankful for weekend memories like these with my little man!

"You will never influence the world trying to be like it"

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