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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

it's t ball time!

We are loving having T ball games every Saturday!  For the second weekend in a row, we played a sweet Snuggle Bug friend of R's!  This time it was Essie!  She is a little diva and I love it!  She starts kindergarten in the Fall and we will most definitely miss her fun spirit being at school next year!

Essie's mom took these fabulous pics!  

Look at that mean mug!  He told me he was thinking about "beating the other team"!!

He went out to his Mimi's for the afternoon to enjoy some time with them!  He loves it out there and I am so thankful for them and their influence on my lil man!

This is his dog Hawk--they have a pretty close bond and take care of each other!
I got him back from Mimi's and it was such a pretty night out...we headed to The Village to enjoy dinner on the patio!  We used to only have two restaurants down there, but now we have four!  It's such a neat little place and I need to make a point to get down there more often!

It was our first time at the new Purple Cow and it did NOT disappoint!  We've been back since then!  I am not a fan of the ones out of town, but this service, food and environment was ON POINT.
R even got to run around in the open area while KeeKee and Poppy talked to some friends!  I was letting him blow off some energy hoping he would sleep good that night! :P

ENJOY the day The Lord has made my friends!

"It's not how big you are.  It's how big you play."  


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