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Monday, September 24, 2012

Fair Trip

Thursday night after school I took R to the fair for the first time!  This isn't something I have ever gotten the guts to tackle by myself...but this year we were gonna try!  I thought it would be less crowded on a week night & especially before 5!  The only reason I was taking him was to see the animals...& luckily the rides weren't even open yet!  ;)
 Oh our way through the EXPO to see the animals...we stopped to see a few things!  PINK firetruck!
R liked the Game & Fish trailer that was full of fish & turtles!
It was nastier than I remembered out there with the animals...but I was there for my child right?!  :P  He couldn't fully appreciate all the animals because his cousins have all these animals that we see every once & a while...so it wasn't really anything special & I hadn't thought about that when I took him out there.  But he enjoyed it, & I can now say I took my kid to the fair!  ;)  It might be a few years before we go back though!  Hehe!

There was one good thing we got out of the fair... ;)  & I will say it looks pretty darn good out in my yard!  :P


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