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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Carnival Party

Ryder had a carnival birthday party to attend on Sunday, so on Friday we ran in his favorite toy store to play a little bit & pick out something for the birthday girl!
Let's just say...I am COMPLETELY lost when it comes to why to buy for a little girl!  I never thought I would be "that" boy mom that was so girl-mom clueless!  :P

R always has a blast in there & even made Caroline a "birthday cake!"

R had a blast!  It was kinda a block party...there was a son cone truck, sand pile, riding toys, multiple jump houses, and multiple kids celebrating their birthdays!  Each child had their own little tent with a table for presents etc.  There was popcorn, water & cupcakes too!  R seriously loved it!

With the birthday girl--Caroline!  She is five...& he is three!  Same size!  Ha!
Of course he ate all the icing off of the cupcake & then threw the rest away!  & then he had to have a clown nose!  Too funny!  ;)

Such a fun & beautiful afternoon!  The weather was PERFECT!


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