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Friday, September 14, 2012

Ryder's Family Party

The partying wasn't over on Saturday!  We had some more to do on Sunday--Ryder's actual birthday!   We got up & went to church & then headed out to Mimi & PawPaw's for a BIG birthday celebration with BOTH sides of the family!  We had a pot luck with some YUMMY food (as always) & I am so thankful for everyone pitching in and helping out!--I couldn't have done it all on my own!  This just goes to show how many people truly love my little man & I am so thankful for that!  =)
With Bunky & Linda Sue--holding up those "3"s!

With Papa Hollis!
With cousin Hannah--they are too much when they are together!
 Getting some snuggles in with Granny Jones

 Isn't that a pitiful face on your birthday?!

{Funny Story:  See that trash bag of stuff?  Well...a week ago Mimi asked Ryder what he wanted for his birthday & he didn't say anything, so she said, "Do you want a bag of dirt?"  & he said "Yeah!"  She asked him what he as going to do with it & he said, "Shovel it!"  So the next few days when you would ask him what he wanted, he would say, "A bag of dirt!"  So Mimi went out & got that baby some bags of dirt for his birthday so he wouldn't be disappointed!  :P  Haha!}

With some of the cousins!

He seriously had SO much fun playing outside with everybody & showing them around his stompin' grounds!  He came in a hot & sweaty little boy & needed some water to cool off!
 More cupcakes!  Thanks KeeKee!

 He loved everybody singing to him!  ;)

When he saw his big tric-bike for the first time!
He got some many new wonderful things we haven't even gotten a chance to play with them all yet!  We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends & family & so many people that care & love my sweet boy!  Needless to say...he had a WONDERFUL birthday!  We both couldn't get home & unload the car fast enough to go to sleep!  Actually...we both fell asleep on the way home!  Ha!

I swear I kick myself after every party...I always fail to get pictures with him & either set of grandparents!  Sheeshh!  Maybe I will do better at birthday #4!  ;)


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