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Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Preppy Punkin'!

We ran out back this morning before we left for church to snap a few pics!

My favorite from the shoot!

This face he is making is his new "look"!  He will do that towards anything & everything, but especially when you ask him where something is, or when he sees something he gets excited about!  Here a dog was barking on the other side of the fence & just did NOT know what to think about it!
Punkin' went to his Daddy's today & had a big'ole time as always!  They went to Pet Smart & just played outside!  He never takes a nap over there so he is always OUT by the time I get out of the driveway when I pick him up!

I took a short little nap today & caught up on things around the house from being so busy & just exhausted the last few days!  I sure was glad to get my Punkin' back though!  I seem to be bored without him!

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