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Friday, November 12, 2010

...our day!

no pictures of Punkin.  if your not interested in our day hit the x button now!  :P  i'm too lazy for pics tonight.

we had a SUPER productive Friday for us!
i vacuumed, & mopped!
we went to the collision place to get my car looked at & estimated (from way back when keekee ran my car into my brother's this summer)  :O
they can't get me in until dec. 9.  and poor rex (my car) has to be there for EIGHT business days.  how am i supposed to function?  that's why i have been driving around with a dinked-up tail light THIS long.
after that, we went & got punkin's hair cut, at a different place than normal because i have been forgetting to make him an appointment & he needed one...like, yesterday.
his hair is definitely different & ya'll will notice when i get pics of the lil booger.  i personally don't like it, but everyone else does (or says they do to make me feel better)!  it better grow out before christmas card pictures time.  AGGGGHHH...
we ran into children's place next door & i got punkin some lil sneakers.  boys are hard to shop for for shoes!  ahh...so now we have something other than nike shox & church shoes!  :P
then me & my lil munchin (with no hair) had a chick-fil-a date.  we like those.  he isn't as crazy about the chicken, & fries, & sweet tea & ranch as his mama, but he likes it enough to go with me!  :P
we ran into home depot to get some paint to FINALLY paint my kitchen table.
he was being so good all day i decided to run across town to goodwill!-i was feeling lucky & was looking for some cheap 8x10 frames i could paint.  no such luck there, but i did score two end tables/night stands for 5 bucks each!  their wood on top & metal on bottom.  who knows i might spray paint them one day if i want!  but they work now just perfectly as night stands in my room!  i'm not to good to shop @ goodwill...  :P  one's trash is another one's treasure!
we came home & i tossed that boy in bed & carried my table outside (in pieces) & got to paintin'!  I got a lot done & can't wait to finish tomorrow!
keekee came over after work as punkin was waking up from his nap & we headed to her house for home made tamales that she bought!  yuummm!
we came home, punkin crashed again, & i got to busy paintin' again!
now's it's time for shower & bed!

what's your typical day like?

this was by no means "typical" but i sure do feel productive!  :P


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