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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Punkin's Halloween!

The weather this last weekend was great & Ryder LOVES to get outside & run around.  KeeKee got him this Halloween shirt for him to wear.  He had a cute skeleton one that glowed in the dark on on Friday, but I didn't get any pictures of it.  

Saturday night our church had "Party on the parking lot" AKA trunk or treat & some games!  Pops went with us & Ryder soaked up all the people as I knew he would!  The weather was GREAT & there were SO many people there right when it started!
My lil scarecrow did not like his hat!  I thought it made his outfit, but I guess he gets what he wants!  :P (most of the time!)  I wish I had more pictures of me & Punkin' so I'm glad Pops snapped this for us!

...see what I mean.

I thought he was gonna throw these in the hole, but he didn't!  He just wanted to play with them!  Everything was still a little bit too big for him, but he still had fun running around!
He wanted in that jump house SO bad, I told him just a few more years!
Look who we ran into!  Drue!  Ryder LOVES her so much!  We pick her up two days a week from school & they have a BLAST playing together!  Can you not just tell by the look on Punkin's face?!  I love that he loves people so much!

On Halloween we went to church & lunch with KeeKee, Pops & Uncle G, then Ryder went to his daddy's for the afternoon.  He rarely takes a nap over there because he just wants to play....so by the time I got him back he was ready to CRASH!  So..no trick or treating for us!  I didn't even hand out any candy!  Call me scrooge!  :P

I think I might actually dress up next year when I take Punkin' trick or treating!  :P

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