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Saturday, November 20, 2010

today was the day...

I stayed up till midnight packing bags for me & Punkin' to stay with my parents for a few days while I recovered.  I had set my alarm for 630 cause I had to be at the hospital at 745 for surgery at 9!

Well...at 738 I woke up to my mom BANGING on my window with a stick!  OMG.  I had set my alarm for PM instead of am.  This is SO not like me at.all.  Luckily I had set my clothes out the night before & threw them on, brushed  my teeth & hit the door!

Got there, got checked in.  Saw an empty little baby seat in the waiting room & knew a lil baby was in the back having surgery & it just made me so sad.  : /  I'd rather it be me every day than my sweet baby.  I can't imagine...

They called me back there, asked me some questions that it feels like you've answered a MILLION times in your life time, had me change into a gown & wait.  I was in one big room with curtain dividers.  I bet there were 8-10 "rooms".  I guess I just didn't know what to expect...but this was not it!  I saw them wheel bad a boy at one point...KINDA freaked me out but that was it.

Talked with my anesthesiologist, nurse got me some nausea & anti anxiety medicine in my IV & waited some more!  Around 9 they wheeled me back to a room.  I tried not to look around because it reminded me of Grey's TOO much & it was FREEZING!  AHHH...I do not do well with cold.  They threw me over on another bed and bundled me up liked a burrito!  They put the gas mask on me & started asking me questions...the last one I remember was "What are you asking Santa for for Christmas?"  HA!

I woke up an hour or so later & couldn't remembered anything...I guess I kinda expected to!  I didn't feel bad either!  I wanted some good drugs in my IV but they didn't give me any...

They checked me out & told me what to do & what not & we were on our way!  We ran by the pharmacy & came home & I crawled in mom's guest bed!

I was ready to see my lil Punkin'!  He had eaten breakfast & gotten dressed for the day with Miss Amy & then played with Pops all morning outside!

I have felt not so bad today...I guess I've been through this pain twice before WHILE my body was fighting infection so this is SO much better than before!

As long as I'm taking my meds in a timely order!  Naynee was in town & came by & brought me some lil pint size ice cream!  Perfect!!  All I've had today was 2 delight yogurts, 1 pudding, 1 jello & actually a bean burrito from TB in VERY small pieces & VERY slowly!  & LOTS of water....uhh!  This girl LIKES her food so this is gonna be TOUGH!

I am so blessed to have such wonderful parents to both take off work today to be able to take care of me & my little Punkin!  I don't know what I would do without them...I am truly blessed!

Uncle G left just a little while ago to spend the night with JT cause their leaving for Miami in the morning to hop on the Oasis of the Seas tomorrow night...only the BIGGEST cruise ship in the world!  All I have to say is he better bring home his sister a T shirt!  Last trip he went on with a friend he pulled out a cute pink Lulu's shirt & I was like, "Oh G!  Thank you so much!  That's so cute!"  He just looked at me & said, "This isn't for you...it's for Caitlyn"  AKA-his girlfriend!  AHHHH....so he better be getting TWO this next time!  :P   We love Uncle G & will surely miss him this Thanksgiving even though he'll be having the time of his life!

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