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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lil Update...

We had a pretty good weekend around here!  We have both been home the last two days because of a sick little guy, but we are finally turning a corner!
R stayed with my mom while I went to a friend's wedding on Saturday & he had taken a new game over there that he had gotten for his birthday.  He really struggled at first with being a sore loser--hence the face!  ;)  Mom finally taught him to be happy for other people when they win & not him...so now when people beat him he reaches out his hand and says "congratulations"!!  It seriously is the funniest thing...but I'm so proud he learned not to be a sore loser!  :P
Sweet boy after church!  He has to walk on these "towers" every Sunday!
I almost bought these even thought I don't even have a baby to put in them!  Ha!  Seriously PRECIOUS!
Well...somebody was asking for a tuba for Christmas, but I think it's an accordion now--which he might get!  ;)  He was marching around while playing it...too funny!
He headed out to the farm with his daddy for the day...poor baby looks scared to death right here!
 I saw this blow up cat was out the other day & told R I would take him to see him soon!  Sunday after he got back from his dad's, we headed that way!  There was another blow up cat across the street whose head moved..& he was NOT a fan of that one!  So...we'll just stick to this one for now!
 He went to bed a little hott & running a bit of a temp...sure enough...
 I didn't go to school on Monday & took him straight to the Dr.  He was negative for strep but they treated it for him anyways because of how bad his throat looked.  Poor baby...telling me his "mouth" hurt... :(  I was gonna send him back to school on Tuesday after a round of meds...but I didn't feel 100% good about doing it come Tuesday morning so we stayed home another day together!
We took a nice, long, casual stroll through Kroger in the middle of the day...we didn't' have anything to do or any where to be so it was kinda nice!  He loves those little shopping carts!  He really was fine all day Tuesday, but I just felt better about keeping him home!  I think we both enjoyed it!  =)

But...I was ready to get back into the swing of things today!  I am a routine kinda girl & it has been thrown off all week!


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