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Friday, February 4, 2011

hair dilemma

My hair is at that "awkward" stage...& I had it & wanna call to make an appointment to get it cut EVERY morning.

But then I think...summers coming up, I wanna be able to wear hats & a pony tail to the pool etc. & I haven't grown it out since I cut it all off the summer of 2008.

I tell myself I can grow it out & I WILL grow it out...

& then I see this...my old haircut. :/  & then I'm like "oh em gee, I have to get it cut!  tomorrow!"

What to do!?!?



  1. This is seriously my day-to-day battle!!! I haven't grown my hair out in a couple years, and so I've been growing it out since august and I'm so in the awkward length. Grow it out!!! Then cut it at the end of summer for school. :) Just know you're not alone in the battle!

  2. You are too funny! My hair is so long right now--it is past my bra by like 3 inches!!!!!! CRAZY!!!! I want to cut mine but I keep thinking about summer as well. I think long hair is coming back in so I would say GROW IT OUT!! Hats with pony tails are my thing! (and I have heard that the boys like that too!) But I am sure that you will look great either way!


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