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Monday, February 7, 2011

No big thang...

My little booger is learning new things everyday!  I was putting my contacts in this morning, & had my glasses in my case & he tried to get them & I said "glasses"...not really thinking about it.  I always say things like that just to let him "know"...Well my mom came over tonight & had her sunglasses on her head & the first thing he said to her when she walked in was "glasses!"  I was shocked!  I told her I had JUST taught him that this morning, but he hadn't said it until now!  I am just amazed every day at his little memory!
He was being grouchy this afternoon & I said do you want to go night night & he said "Night Night?" Plan as day!  He then said, "UH HUH!"  But it is becoming clear to me that he is understand what I am saying & wants to say everything I say!

My mom called my brother a butt hole tonight because he was being rude {she was TOTALLY joking...& not to his face, behind his back  :P}...& next thing we know Ryder is saying "buut hoo"  We about DIED!!!

My parents came over for dinner tonight, & my new recipe actually turned out great!  I always get nervous trying something new when people are coming over!  Tomorrow's another school day & then we're anticipating some more SNOW on Wednesday!  Geez-la-weez!!

Honestly, this is why you don't see many pictures of Ryder-Man any more!  He is always on the RUN from his "mahm-ma" {he sounds british when he says my name!}  & the pictures I do have are of him trapped in his high chair eating!  HA!

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