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Monday, February 21, 2011

Our day & Earthquakes!

I just bought BlogPress for my phone because sometimes I have pictures on here I want to blog & am too lazy to upload them to my computer...so I'm gonna try this out & see how I like it! :P

It was such a pretty day out I decided we'd go for a walk this morning! I got Punkin some animal crackers & his sippy, my head phones & phone & we hit the street! He did great in his stroller...he just loves being outside! He'd point at dogs, birds & even airplanes!

{my view!}

Yes, my child likes to play with plungers! Ha! We played outside a little bit after we got back while I did a little cleaning out of my car!

So...the earthquakes around here have gotten OUT OF CONTROL! One day last week there were over 20 in one day in this area! I felt one while living in Greenbrier when Ryder was just a few months old, & the other night I felt a rather small one before going to bed. I was sitting in the living room & it was like someone was at myfront door trying to get in but it was locked! Then arpund 2:15 I woke up to an EVEN bigger one...I dont remember what it was like, but its scary!! It calms me to know its JUST (I say that lightly) an EQ & not someone in my house!

Since all this has started I downloaded a free EQ app to know when we had one & how big it was. The picture from above is the one in the middle of the night. Break AR EQ history with a 4.1! I tweeted about it at 2:15, & it happened at 2:13 so this confirms I'm not TOTALLY crazy! :P

This is just a few hour time span...the night before the big one in the middle of the night!

Right at 2 o'clock today we got outta the house & ran to Sonic! We rolled the windows down & just enjoyed this pretty day again...& I made Punkin jam out to Justin Bieber with me! :P. He actually likes it & repeats "knock knock" when "one time" is on!!

Must study. Boring. Blah. ADD.
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