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Thursday, February 10, 2011


-I completely failed to post my child's 17 month blog post yesterday.  #momfail
-I am loving these snow days...but I really do like my routine!
-I think the more we don't "do" the lazier I become...
-I have no reason to be "tired" but I'm tired because we haven't really done anything the last few days!
-The snow sure is pretty though!
-Ryder's been really good considering we've been stuck inside the last few days!
-It is nice we can change the scenery & toys up just by walking across the street!
-I have got to get outta this house, because all I do here is EAT & drink DDP!  AHHHH!!!
-I keep telling myself I want/need to shred, but by the time I put Ryder down at night, I'm too "tired" to actually do it...
-I realized at 8 o'clock tonight I had a blog post due for a class at midnight.  BLAH.  Even though we were OUT of school today!
-We got out today with Pops & went to Kroger & McDonald's for some coffee!  :P
-Dad commented on my car being clean & looking "brand new" so that made me feel good!  =)
-Justin Beiber's movies comes out & I wish I was going to see it, but I'm gonna wait for the crowds to die down & go see it in a few weeks!  :P  Y'all....he is just TOO cute, I don't care if he's only 17!
-I'm glad my mom has gotten some snow days to just chill, but she's gonna be in school till JULY!!
-Luckily G is graduating & won't have to make up these snow days!  :P
-Is my LITTLE brother REALLy graduating from HIGH SCHOOL?  TEAR.  That was me just FOUR short years ago.
-Ryder said "ba-nan-a" CLEAR as day today!  I was so proud of him!
-He is still obsessed with shoes & will put anybodies on that are just laying around!
-If I'm sitting on the couch without my Snuggie...he'll go get it & bring it to me!  I call it "mama's pooh!"  :P
-I actually fixed my hair today & put make up on...even though I'm still in sweatpants!
-I vacuumed & steam moped as well...which makes me feel productive.
-The homemade cookies I made yesterday...yeah.  There almost gone.  :O
-I've got Grey's & Private to watch!  YIPPEE!!


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