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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sweet Valentine Boy

We went to church this morning, & then had takeout at with KeeKee at their house since Pop's was out of town!  Ryder was a GROUCH over there, so we immediately came home & I laid him down for a nap.  I tried to take his shoes off for his nap & he got SO mad!  Like MAD MAD!  I had to put them back on him for his nap!  AHH!!  The boy loves his "shooths"!
We went over to Mama D's for a yummy dinner!  She made some Louisiana cookin' stuff!  It was spicy, but if you just kept eating it, it was fine!  :P
There were other kids there so Ryder had a good ole time...he is constantly on the run, so these pictures are as good as it gets! 

He loves balls!  Even if he sees decorative balls...he thinks he can play with them!  haha!  AND...he LOVES his Mama!  {HIS Valentine!}

When Ansley was leaving...I told him to give her a hug.  He loves "gurrrls" & I knew he would!  Well...boy!  Did he give her a HUUUUG!  Poor thing, he KNOCKED her over & she fell & hit the entertainment center!  They were all fine afterwards, but I was like WOOPS!  He's just trying to be a sweet boy & is definitely already a lady's man!
I just love this little munchin' SOO much!  I love him more & MORE every day!
It's official...we look NOTHING alike.  But I swear he's mine!!
{Well....these two have a love/hate relationship...}

Poor baby...I guess Morgan took this when I walked outside for TWO seconds to move my car so someone else could get out.  It's weird because I drop him off in the nursery at church & he turns around & says "bye bye" but then obviously here...he LOST it!  Can you tell someone loves their Mama!?!  :P

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