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Saturday, February 19, 2011


This afternoon we ventured out to the season opener of the UCA Baseball season!  It was just a BEAUTIFUL day & was screaming "baseball weather".  Baseball is my all time favorite sport.  Hands down.  Being out there today, made me really miss the many MANY days & nights I spent at ballfields all over the state with my girls watching "our boys" play ball!  They were all "our boys!"  ;)  I have so many memories at each ball field, I could tell stories for DAYS!  I won't bore you there, but baseball played a huge part of my high school career & I LOVED IT!  
{I love how Punkin' was giving Uncle Jon the "thumbs up"}
This was my first time to see any of our guy friends play in college & it kinda made me sad, that it's their senior year & I was JUST now seeing one of them play.  Times change & people grow apart, but I'll always have those memories from "The Field" here at home!  =)  Uncle Jon had a good game DH'n!
This picture is so funny to me because Ryder looks SO chunky!  He's not really THIS chunky, but he's CHUNKY!  Ha!  He was chewing up a cookie & trying to wiggle out of my arms at the same time!  He was ALL.OVER.THE.PLACE at the game, but was fairly good!  He made all sorts of new friends (which is embarrassing at times...) & half the time he DIDN'T want me!  He was REALLY into the game at first, which made me really happy!  =)  Then the newness wore off & he got over it...we're ready for round two tomorrow, just hope the weather is JUST as nice!
It took him a while to remember Zach, but he finally did & just played & played with him!  He took off all his bracelets, & put them on himself!  This will be the only series Zach will get to "watch" this season, cause he's headed out to to play some ball himself next week!

PS.  I caught a shirt at the game!  Size L, but that's okay...I'll take it!  :P

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