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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Punkin' Stories!

I had so many stories I wanted to blog about last night & was just too tired! But I want to to make sure I dont forget them!

So...here we go...

Last minute we decided to go watch Uncle Jon's game for a few minutes yesterday, even though it was pretty cold out. As I was running around the house getting our jackets, blankets, Ryder's sippy & some snacks I said "Do you wanna go see Uncle Jon?!" & Ryder said "besss-baawww?" (baseball). I could not believe it! I had NO idea he had put two & two together!

We were home later & I was watching the news & they were highlighting the Razorback baseball team & once again he said "bessss-baawwww!!". This made a mama so proud! I hope he grows up LOVING the sport! :)

We went out to eat with my parents & my dad ordered sweet tea & Ryder just repeated him like it was no big deal "sthweeeet-teeee!". I just laughed & laughed & laughed! He is such a hoot!

After we got home he ha left the room I was in & it had gotten awfully quiet! I walked into the kitchen to fins him holding the jug of milk & his sippy saying "milllk". His sippy was full of juice but apparently he wanted milk! I'm just so suprised he knows how to open the fridge & get out what he wants!

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