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Friday, August 5, 2011


This summer Ryder has been taking a "gymnastics" class!  It is really called Playful Parenting & it has been so much fun & he has loved it just as much as I thought he would!  The little girl AZ I always talk about is sitting beside him on the left.  They hugged & kissed again this week!  {Oh GEEZ!}  There are lots of pics, but it shows everything he has been doing & working on in 'nastics as he calls it!  =)
 {dot time by AZ & Maddie Rose}

 {Watching Ms. Lauren give instructions on what to do}
 {walking on the balance beam all by himself!}
 {he loves Ms. Lauren!  & after 8 weeks, he will finally swing on the swing!  Ha!}

 {I love this little booger so much!}
 {trying to find his way out of the pit!}

 {donkey kick!}
 {climbing up the wall with his feet...}
 {waiting in line by Mr. Cheetah for his turn to swing in the pit}

 {flippin' down the cheese wedge}

{another serious flip!}
 {dot time!}

 {jumping backwards on the trampoline}
 {holding himself up on the bars...}
 {...& then flipping over}

I am so glad that I signed him up for this class & I know that he would love to do it again, I just don't think I can add one more thing to our crazy busy schedule this Fall.  But...if he misses it enough, maybe we will try it out again in the Spring!


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