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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mama turns 22!

So my birthday was this past weekend, & I can say I kinda am sad to be getting "older".  You look forward to turning 21 for so long....& then you do, & then what else ages is there to LOOK forward to? Umm...nothing really!  So I feel "old" at 22 & like I am passed the "college age" even though I'm still in college!  HA!  :P

But I had a great weekend with friends & family.  Friday spent the day with his Mimi on Friday & his daddy got him Friday night.  I went out to eat & hangout with friends Friday night & had a lot of fun, & it felt so good to get out!  

I got Ryder back Saturday morning & we had a nice, chill, relaxing day.  We didn't do too much & ventured our way to the pool later that afternoon.  He behaved the whole time, so that made a mama proud.  He even learned how to play "tea party" with a little girl around his age in the kiddie pool!  :P

Sunday we got up & went to church, & I am so happy that Ryder just LOOOVES the nursery!  It helps that Mary Beth is in there with him & AZ from 'nastics!  Ha!  We went & had lunch at my parent's & had a super-duper-yummy pot roast & salad!  YUMMMMERS!

Here is a lil photo shoot of me & my main man...it shows his personality & our relationship for SURE!

I love him so much & am so blessed to be this lil man's Mama!  =)


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