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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Phone Pics!

I'm a little behind on phone pics...but I love them!  So here we go from the past few weeks!

Now, I don't even remember how he did this.  Yes I do.  He tripped over my food in the laundry room & hit the framing around the door.  He even has paint on his head.  This was less than 5 minutes after it happened.

We went & made dinner at Mama D's & Morgan's & Punkin' had a bad diaper rash...so I let him run around outside in the sprinkler naked!  Ha!  He got soaking wet & LOVED IT!  I know Coach Mac is proud!  =)

Me & my sweet good snugglin' in bed one morning!

Poor baby...since he doesn't take naps any more, he usually falls asleep at the dinner table!  ha!

As well as watching TV...I know he is so tired by the time bed time rolls around!

Allison got me this fabulous bowl for my birthday!  It couldn't scream KAAATTI any more than it does!  & it matches my kitchen to a T!  Thank you Allison!  =)

He is always so tired after I pick him up from his dad's...this was before we even got out of the driveway!

Last week we had a lot of random rain & we had a beautiful rainbow a couple of times!  (I stole this from Mary Beth on twitter!  ;) )

A beautiful picture that almost looks fake to me of the state capitol when the storms were rolling in early morning.

Once again...asleep at the dinner table!

Rhea Lana's starts next week, & I've spent many days getting things organized & in order, & stayed up late a couple of night getting it all entered into the computer!

My big boy swinging in a big boy swing for the first time!  I was so proud of him!  =)

One night last week, the storms were pretty bad...right around bed time.  The thunder & lightening was insane...& all I could think of to do was just crawl in bed with my sweet Punkin' & that's what we did!  Poor baby would just hide under the covers when it thundered!

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