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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pickin' Cantaloupe & the Park!

Last night one of my dad's customers invited him & Ryder to come out & pick some cantaloupe & watermelon at his place.  It worked out great, because mom & I had asked dad to watch Ryder while we went & saw The Help! {which btw was so so SO good & everyone must go see!}

 Ryder had a good time & I'm glad he got to see that you can actually "pick" fruit & not just buy it at the grocery store.  Maybe one day I'll have the energy & time to have a garden!

 They went & played at the park afterwards which is one or Ryder's favorite things to do!  I'm ready for it to cool off a bit more so I can take him more often!  I love the relationship that Ryder & Pops have & can't wait to watch Ryder grow up with Pops by his side as best buddies!


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