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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Our weekend. With no pics.

-Friday night we met up with Miss Allison & hit up Chick & TJ Maxx.  Just a few of me & Ryder's Friday night favs!  It's usually just me & lil man, but it was nice to have Allison with us!  It's nice to have help every once & a while we're out!  I got some black & white plate for my "plate wall" I'm planning in my kitchen, some cute "K" notecards & a big gawdy black picture frame for my room!  Nothing I "needed" but I'm always looking for a bargain, & I believe that your house can't become a home overnight & that it takes time to gather the perfect things to create the perfect space!

-We also stopped & got sno cones afterwards!  We usually go & get sno cones with Kelly, Grant & Dustin & when we got there Ryder said "Grannnt?  Granntt?"  So we will definitely have to be going back with Grant very soon!  We also drove by our hair salon & Ryder said, "Jenn-i-fer...cut?  Big boy chair!?"  Sure enough, all those are things we say when we go & get his hair cut!  Which I need to call & make an appointment to get his hair cut THIS WEEK!!

-Saturday we got up & had breakfast & I got in some snuggles & then Ryder's dad came & got him for the day.  I called Morgan & asked her to join me for lunch at one of my favorite "lunch" places...Cross Creek downtown!  We ate a yummy lunch & then hit up all the little boutiques down town to look around.   We met up with Dana & Morgan (Morgan's b/f's mom & sister) & they got Morgan a super cute red leather-y jacket for her birthday for a BAR-GAIN & I'm seriously thinking about going to get one in black!  =)  I came home, cleaned up a bit & organized my life a little bit more!

-I went & got my Punkin' & then we met KeeKee for dinner & headed home for the night!  He got a much needed BATH, we watched some Barney, snuggled & went to bed!

-Today was a busy day!  We had family birthdays for me, Dawson & Stuart out of town.  We had a lot of fun & it was so good to see everybody because it has been too TOO long!  Sadly, Ryder threw up on the way up there, because he was carsick.  ALL over Pop's iPad as well.  Poor baby...we had to strip him when we got to Nana's & had to wash his clothes.  But luckily it was just carsick-ness.

-We rushed home & headed straight to Morgan's for her birthday--which is TODAY!  Mama D cooked some yummy pulled turkey sandwiches!  We got to see a lot of people we don't always get to see & had a nice visit...even though my child completely missed behaved.  :/

-We are now home, all bathed & in bed...well he is!  I'm not!

Another good, family & friend filled, semi-relaxing weekend is in the books!  =)


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