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Thursday, August 4, 2011

...some of my favorite cleaning products

This might be a boring post to some, but as a mother & a home owner, I feel as thought it's important that I am using products that get the job done, & continue to do so!  I also want to share them with you!--Because I would want all of you to do the same with me!  Don't keep all your fabulous discoveries to yourself...SHARE THEM!  =)

{Kaboom foam-tastic bathroom cleaner}

I used to use the regular spray Kaboom stuff would have to let it sit a good while before I actually went into scrub.  When I saw this stuff on TV, I couldn't WAIT for it to be in stores!  The first time I saw it I snagged it up & have loved it every since!  I really think the Oxi Clean in there is what gets everything so nice & clean.  I use this on our bath tube, the tile back splash, toilet & counter top & sink.  LOVE it...try it if you haven't!  

{Shark steam mop}

I didn't become so interested in this until I had Ryder.  I hated the thought of having to use chemicals to mop the floor & them have him crawl around all over them...so the shark steam mop was the solution!  My WHOLE house is hardwood, which is nice sometimes, but it also means double the work of vacuuming AND mopping (not that I mop ALL that often in all honesty).  But...when I do mop, it's okay for Ryder to be out & running around.  It really does clean the floors up nicely & you can defnitely see all the dirt on your pad when you get finished.  It's nice to be able to throw the pads in the washer & re-use them over & over again, as opposed to having to go out & buy more when you run out!  

{method steel for real stainless steel cleaning wipes}

I saw this at Lowe's one day & was curious to give them a try.  I didn't know what to use on my stainless steel fridge, & I figured these would do the trick!  I liked the thought that they were wipes & had the right chemical in them already.  I did learn that one wipe will go a long way.  At first they seem to leave a soapy feel on the fridge, but then you just keep rubbing (I went in circles) & they eventually went away & I was left with a shiny like-new fridge!  =)

{resolve's spray 'n wash}

I think Resolve bought Spray 'n Wash so soon it will probably just be called Resolve, but I use this on all of Ryder's clothes that have ketchup, yogurt, dirt, grass or grease stains.  You simply spray it on before you wash it, rub it in & then throw it in the wash!  It's as easy as that...& it smells good to!  If you're a mommy of a little boy...I would say GO BUY IT IN THE BIGGEST BOTTLE YOU CAN FIND!!  I even use it on stuff that isn't "dirty" but could use a good cleaning like his tennis shoes!

I hope this post might help some of you out & get you to try new stuff!  What are some of your favorite cleaning products?  If you do a post about it, leave a comment with a link back to your site because I'd love to check it out!  =)


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