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Thursday, July 3, 2014

AETN field trip

Ryder's school was asked to take part in a Nature Walk and activity at AETN to help them develop a new iPad app.  They have a lady named Amy who visits their school ever so often and she has a trunk/suitcase FULL of iPads!!  So, they all call her the "iPad lady!"  So funny!

I was so glad that I got to take part in the field trip with R and his friends!

We got to tour the building which was something I'd never gotten to do before--even though it's basically right in our backyard!  The kids even got to go into the studio where they got to see themselves on TV!  They LOVED it!

They got to learn about different "habitats" in nature and how we all have a different habitat!  R found a baby toad and was showing it to all the girls!  Ha!

Ryder and one of his best friends, Dexter!
They got to do a fun activity after coming inside from the Nature Walk!  It was a fun day for every one and we are so thankful to have this opportunity! 
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