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Monday, July 7, 2014

mommy/ryder day

Saturday we got up and headed to Home Depot for their Kid's Workshop!  R had build something last summer when they came to his school...& it was something I had been meaning to do, but just always forgot!
He got to build a creator cage!  It was all "do on your own" meaning you didn't have to wait on everyone in the class to finish each step...you just went at your own pace which was nice--EXCEPT the parent ends up doing most of the "building"!

R did get to do the cool stuff like paint though! ;)

He loved it...and has always enjoyed being "creative" so this was fun for him! 

We've already signed up for the August workshop!
Next stop was Chick for breakfast...R was hungry and I'm not gonna turn down chicken minis! :)

Next we stopped by the baseball field where he would be going to camp...I didn't want the field to intimidate him because of the size!  I think it just made him excited!

{Sidenote:  he does not understand why baseball "camp" doesn't involve tents!}
Ryder went to his Mimi's for the night...it was so cool out I decided to make a visit to the park for some peaceful and "outdoorsy" quiet time.  It was just what j needed and I'm already looking forward to my next visit out there!
PS I am loving (if that's the right word...) the Sermon on the Mount study from She Reads Truth.  It's opened my eyes to so many things that used to seem "elementary" that truly aren't....I've written the word "GUILTY" in my bible too many times in the past 8 days to count...but I am thankful for that!

Hope you are having a fantastic Tuesday!  I'll leave you with this to ponder for today!
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