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Monday, July 7, 2014

monday funday!

While you already read and took a look into our Monday last week...here is a look at our Monday this week!  Lots of new adventures at new places for us all and it couldn't make me any happier!

R started baseball camp at UCA!  I was so glad that he was able to go!  Things started out slow for him, but as soon as things got started and they headed out to field he was not looking back at Mama any more...and that was a good thing!  He did great, and already came home teaching me lots of new things (including one of his "warm up drills"--burpees!  He is pretty darn good at them...the jumping jacks though...we're gonna have to work on those!)

The staff was all so welcoming and nice to everyone--kids AND parents!  It was such a welcoming environment!!  Can't wait to see what the next four days hold!

During camp...I snuck away for a little coffee date with Allie!  We have to squeeze time in together where we can!  We tried a new coffee shop downtown and we both give it a thumbs up and already can't wait to go back!  Great environment and even greater coffee!  I just hope it sticks around...
Back to pick R up...

We took Allie home and played in the front yard for a bit with Josh's old Legos and Mr. Fitz!
Then we were off to lunch with Poppy!  This was something on our Bucket List...and are just now getting to chance to do it!  So thankful!  R got four baseball cards at camp today for "doing what he was supposed to be doing" so he got to share those with Poppy, which was fun!

We came home for what I thought was going to be a nap, but R asked for "another lunch" and then we ended up going to Happy Hour with Allie! :P  No nap for us....
Then...we were off to get a haircut!  It was time!  We love Ms. Denay!
...and you can't go to that side of town and not go to Target right?! :P
Another first for the day...we went and visited the Nature Trail at Hendrix.  I had NO idea it was back there!  It even has "habitat" markers like the ones from our Nature Walk at UCA a few weeks ago!  It was a unique "habitat"for sure...especially for being right in the middle of the city!  We saw fish, turtles and a few other nasty creatures that shall not be named....but I'm still glad we went!  We'll definitely be going back and exploring other areas with shoes other than flip flops! :P

"Hey Ryder...let's take a picture together!"  "Like...a selfie?" "Yes Ryder...a selfie."  I love him too much.

Such a fun little park at the end!

A wonderful day for us both!  I wish all Mondays could be this fabulous! 
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