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Monday, July 28, 2014

home from China

We finally got our KeeKee back from China!  I haven't seen all of her pictures yet...but these are the few that she sent up through VIBER while she was gone!  She had a wonderful time, but I think she has said that she doesn't have to go back! ;)

Her flight didn't come in until 10:30 PM, which turned into 11 PM...I kept this wild one up so he could see her after being gone for 9 days!
We snuck Poppy into the selfie! ;) 
Ryder took this one...and told Poppy to smile!!
The smile that was on that little guy's face when he finally saw his KeeKee coming down was priceless and so SO sweet! =) 
We were glad to finally have KK and KeeKee back!   
 One of the many treats that KeeKee came home with!!
I don't know if KeeKee got this more for me to use...of for me to use on my child!!  I'll go with the later! ;)

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